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Player Dues - Split into Spring/Summer/Fall


After analyzing our current financials, playoff requirements, and comparing to other area teams, we have decided to set up a per season dues structure.  We feel it is necessary to match the continued growth of the club.  We are providing a number of easy ways to pay.


Dues payments are as follows:

15's season (Fall or Spring) - $120

7's season (Summer) - $60

Full year (Spring/Summer/Fall) - $300

Non-playing member (social) dues - $100


If you do not pay your dues, you will not play in a season game until the payment is made. We have 3 payment plans that we can utilize for anyone who cannot immediately pay the total dues.

You can also become a 30/30 member - paying a set rate of $30/month satisfies dues and pays a dividend of an awesome swag item. This is a great way to support the club and allows us to have a dependable, constant income; a portion of which will be set aside for future club investments.


Option 1: $10 monthly subscription via PayPal for a single 15's season.


Option 2: $20 monthly subscription via PayPal for both Spring/Fall 15's seasons.


Option 3: $30 monthly subcription via PayPal for the year to satisfy all dues as a 30/30 member.


Option 4: Pay your full season dues through the "Donate" button below.


Option 5: Pay your full season dues through Venmo (@newhavenrfc)   


The club dues collected each season help to cover the numerous expenses that allow the club to compete, practice, travel, and host after match socials and a 7’s tournament. Players must be up to date with dues payments to be considered an active club member in good standing. Benefits include:


- Opportunity to play in our games, practices, and participate in club events

- Vote for Officers at our AGM and have a say in Club Business

- Be eligible for board positions*

- Elm City Fitness membership for 2 months!


If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding dues payments, please reach out to personnel below:


President - Nikita Guryakov ( /


Treasurer - Michael Sullivan ( / 


 *Eligibility requirements listed in the by-laws must be met


Payment Options

USA Rugby - CIPP Registration

You must CIPP as a Senior Player with New Haven Rugby (Empire GU) in order to play with New Haven.
Below are simple instructions to follow: - How to create a profile - How to register for the 2022-23 season (New Haven Rugby, Empire GU, Men or Women)
Note that the CIPP registration expires every year on 09/01/202X and you must renew annually.