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Player Dues - Split into Spring/Summer/Fall


With the completion of the Spring 2021 Season which had no dues, it’s time to put COVD behind us and make plans for a successful summer and fall campaigns. After analyzing our current financials, playoff requirements, and comparing to other area teams, we have decided to set up a per season dues structure.  We feel it is necessary to match the continued growth of the club.  We are providing a number of easy ways to pay.


Dues payments are as follows:

15's season (Fall or Spring) - $120

7's season (Summer) - $60

Full year (Spring/Summer/Fall) - $300

Non-playing member (social) dues - $100


If you do not pay your dues, you will not play in a season game until the payment is made. We have payment plans that we can utilize for anyone who cannot immediately pay the total dues.


You can also become a 30/30 member - paying a set rate of $30/month satisfies dues and pays a dividend of an awesome swag item. This is a great way to support the club and allows us to have a dependable, constant income; a portion of which will be set aside for future club investments.


Option 1: $10 monthly subscription via PayPal for Spring or Fall seasons

Option 2: $20 monthly subscription via PayPal for Spring/Fall seasons

Option 3: $30 monthly subcription via PayPal for the year to satisfy all dues as a 30/30 member.

Option 4: Pay your season dues through the "Donate" button 


The club dues collected each season help to cover the numerous expenses that allow the club to compete, practice, travel, and host after match socials and a 7’s tournament. Players must be up to date with dues payments to be considered an active club member in good standing. Benefits include:


- Opportunity to play in our games, practices, and participate in club events

- Vote for Officers at our AGM and have a say in Club Business

- Be eligible for board positions*

- Elm City Fitness membership for 2 months!


If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding dues payments, please reach out to Nikita.


 *Eligibility requirements listed in the by-laws must be met